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Boeing Presents SLS-Launched Lunar Lander Proposal

A bid to create a lunar lander with an ability to be lifted out safely on an SLS (Space Launch System) rocket is presented to NASA, Boeing stated. The firm said that its bid named “Fewest Steps to the Moon” was presented for NASA’s Human Landing Services program and there was a decrease in the launches number along with other “operation critical incidents” required to take crew members to the Moon surface.

In the firm’s statement, Senior VP for Space and Launch at Boeing Defense, Space, and Security, Jim Chilton proclaimed, “We have created a ‘Fewest Steps to the Moon’ bid by employing the lift capability of NASA’s SLS Block 1B. This approach reduces the complicatedness of the mission while presenting the most direct and safest pathway to the Moon surface.”

The launching of the two-stage lander is supposed to be carried out on the rocket’s advanced Block 1B version—in which the more potent EUS (Exploration Upper Stage) is employed—to enter into the Moon orbit. It is supposed to be either directly assembled with an Orion spacecraft or with the lunar Gateway and will be boarded to visit the Moon surface.

On a similar note, a successful trial of the emergency abort system was recently announced by Boeing. Reportedly, this system is supposed to be employed for the spacecraft the company is manufacturing, which will be used to take astronauts to the ISS (International Space Station). The success of the latest trial is said to be the milestone for the firm, which was facing critical situations due to 2 lethal plane crashes that led to the death of approximately 346 individuals. This trail was carried out at the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. The key motive of this trial was to show the capability of Starliner spacecraft to safely land astronauts in case of any miss-event with the rocket.

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