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Valiant’s Superheroes Will Receive Multi-Platform Games

Valiant needs some of that cash you are keeping aside for superhero thing. Apart from making a Bloodshot film with Vin Diesel, the firm has also joined hands with Blowfish Studios (the indie developer) to make multi-platform video games focused on characters from Valiant. They did not disclose much about the scope of their partnership, but they claimed that it is a multi-game association for a “series of all new action-bundled video games.”

The interconnected universe of Valiant might not be as huge as DC’s or Marvel’s, but it still has more than 2,000 characters that can be employed for games and movies, comprising X-O Manowar, Zephyr, and Ninjak. Whatever games the firms come up with will not be the first based on the universe of Valiant: the firm earlier launched titles below Acclaim Entertainment (the former owner). They are mostly for earlier consoles, although, and the newest one that came out in 2018 is for mobile only.

On a related note, earlier Amazon claimed that it has appointed a swanky cast of Hollywood stars for its superhero show (animated) Invincible, based on the eponymous comic book co-helmed by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead scribe). Spearheading the voice cast is Steven Yuen (TV’s The Walking Dead alum) as protagonist Mark Grayson, who takes over almighty powers of his alien superhero father. Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons will be playing the role of dad, while Seth Rogen, Sandra Oh, and Zazie Beetz will also give their voice to the forthcoming show.

The 8-episode series follows Grayson as he negotiates with his near-invincible capabilities and grapples with less-than-noble intentions of his dad. Mark Hammill—who knows a bit about fraught father-son relation—is onboard as well, as per the media.

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