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Steph Korey to be co-CEO of Away along with Stuart Haselden

The co-founder of Away, Steph Korey is going to become the new co-CEO of this company rather than her moving on to the board of directors of the company as per the reports. In the previous month, there were reports which described the work environment of the company being toxic, Away, had announced that the position of CEO is going to be taken over by the COO of Lululemon, Stuart Haselden from 13th of January onwards as Korey is going to be the executive chairman of the board of Away. Now Haselden and Korey are going to be sharing this position.

Korey has said that the company allowed a few inaccurate reports influence the plan of transition which they had and its timeline. Haselden had been supposed to initially become the COO of Away and later then transition into the role of the CEO for taking this company public. Even after the transition taking place, they were both supposed to stay in the original roles as per the reports. Away presently has beliefs that it would have then led to a lot of confusion when it appeared that one of the board of directors who was not working at this company had been making an attempt to work along with the vendors. As per the report, Korey does still have plans of completely giving the role of CEO eventually to Haselden.

Away has also hired a lead trial counsel, Elizabeth Locke who had previously sued Rolling Stones successfully over a controversial article. It is still not clear though whether they are going to be having any plans of filing a lawsuit in the near future.

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