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Further Cases detected of Coronavirus from Wuhan

There are thee further cases of the coronavirus form Wuhan have been reporting in the region of California bringing the total of the state to six and the total of the country to 11 cases. On Sunday, the officials had confirmed the County of San Benito man who had traveled recently back from the city of Wuhan and his wife were carrying the virus. Both had been isolating themselves in home.

This man had arrived at the Airport in San Francisco on the 24th of January and had been screened and also found to be asymptomatic and healthy as per the experts of health.

On the next day, the man had developed the symptoms including the low-grade fever and cough as per the experts. Some days later, the wife had begun showing these symptoms too. The couple has been staying home since the arrival of the man as per Fenstersheib who is an expert.

This couple has been staying home since the arrival of the man as per Fenstersheib.

Also on this Sunday, the officials had confirmed that a woman had traveled recently from the area of Wuhan to the Santa Clara County had also been found to contain the virus. The second case of the country thought the officials has said that the cases are not related. In Los Angeles, Orange and California counties each of them had one of the confirmed case. Thought, the WHO had declared this outbreak as an emergency of public health of international concern in the previous week. Many of the countries had begun to evacuate their nationals on the flights from Wuhan which is the epicenter of the disease.

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