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Galaxy Z Flip teardown reveals that its hinge brushes may not block much dust

IFixit has posted a video teardown of Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip, giving us great take a gander at the telephone’s internals and uncovering that the brushes on its pivot probably won’t prevent a lot of residue from getting inside your telephone.

When Samsung reported the Z Flip a week ago, it featured how the telephone’s pivot has a “fiber shield” proposed to trap stray residue and shield it from getting inside the telephone. You can see Samsung’s zoomed-in promoting photograph of it beneath. It glances noteworthy in the promoting photograph, however iFixit put that fiber shield under a magnifying glass — and the outcomes weren’t extraordinary.

For the test, iFixit collapsed up the Z Flip and dropped it into a sack of purple residue. Subsequent to removing the telephone from the sack, iFixit shook a ton of residue out of the telephone, which you can find in the GIF beneath. Enough residues got inside the telephone that it even prevented the pivot from opening up as far as possible.

It’s imperative to take note of that Samsung says in a help doc that the Z Flip isn’t water or residue safe, and a sprinkle screen says something comparable when you first turn on the telephone, as per iFixit. Also, iFixit recognizes that its pack test isn’t really characteristic of ordinary, certifiable use, so maybe the Z Flip’s strands are better intended for repulsing everyday pocket build up than the fine powder that iFixit utilized.

In Nelson’s present durability assessment video cut, the presentation uncovered imprints and furthermore scratches like a plastic showcase would absolutely, despite the fact that the presentation is promoted to be glass. At the point when asked about Nelson’s video cut, Samsung educated The Verge that the presentation screen is absolutely glass, anyway has a “security layer” on the top, which Nelson’s teardown video cut confirms:

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