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Raw Material Shortage Amid Covid19 Lockdown To Impact The Global Textile Market Growth

Textile is a bendable material that is created utilizing several processes, comprising weaving, knitting, felting, or crocheting. These materials are broadly utilized to produce a broad variety of finished products, like kitchen, upholstery, bedding, transportation, medical, construction, apparel, protective equipment, clothing accessories, and handbags.

The increasing population along with urbanization and disposable income within the budding economies are anticipated to boost the growth of the global textile market. Further, the growing alertness regarding personal protective equipment within the manufacturing sector on account of strict rules to assure safety of worker is projected to fuel the need for protective clothing. In addition, advent of e-commerce channels that provide added benefits like discounts, free delivery services, and convenience is expected to surge the use of apparel, consequently propelling the demand and growth of the global textiles market.

Furthermore, the increasing implementation of smart textile products as a result of the electronic components’ miniaturization and the utilization of conductive materials are projected to fuel the market growth during the forecast period. Also, technological advancement such as manufacture of new upholstery products obtained from spider silk and coated fabrics is anticipated to bring up new opportunities for the market players in the years to come. This rise in improvements and production within the textile industry is leading to escalated investment by companies to extend their production capacity. In turn, this aids them to meet the rising textile demand in varied verticals comprising technical, fashion, and household applications.

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In the latest of events, the dearth in raw material supply from Chinese companies has led to an austere demand-supply gap. Further, the producers are anticipated to be stuck on raw material orders because of the logistics industry being considerably influenced on account of lockdown amid COVID-19. Nevertheless, the manufacturers are projected to shift from China to other places to decrease the future risks that would impact the trade and to lessen the gathering of manufacturers in a single country to even off the supply chain.

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