Chlorpyrifos to be banned by Corteva due to less demand

Chlorpyrifos to be banned by Corteva due to less demand

In the wake of the reduced demand, Corteva has made a decision strategically of phasing their production of chlorpyrifos in the year 2020 as per a statement from the company recently. The company further said that the customers are going to have enough access to the chlorpyrifos supply for covering the demand till the end of the year as they are transitioning to more products or more providers. They said that their customers, employees and shareholders are going to be benefiting from the redeployment of resources. The Trump administration had stepped back in the precious years.

The decision has been hailed by the farm-labor and environmental groups as they vowed for the pressing of ban by EPA on the use of this.

They had said that when it comes to chlorpyrifos, it is poisoning the fields of agriculture and threatening the farm workers for development in a healthy way and is also affecting the potential intellect of children all over the country.

The policy, science and the pushback of people had aligned altogether for the calling of this chemical has being too dangerous when it comes to the use and that had made this announcement as something that was being expected as per a scientist by the name of Jennifer Sass. They further said that they are going to watch the statement of the manufacturers to make sure that the end of chlorpyrifos happens as quickly as possible.

California has been the region which has been using this compound the most and has been spreading a lot of it on the other crops as well as per the data of state which had come out in the year 2017. Action has been taken to come up with alternatives.

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