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Our Team

John Wilson

John Wilson is present in the Business sphere from the last 6 years. His MBA in Finance Degree has always helped him to understand the complex activities and hold a strong grasp of the Business world. While John is one of the major authorities at Chemical News Reports, he serves as the Head of the Business Department at our news portal from the last 4 Years. Moreover, his promising decision-making abilities have helped the organization to make and execute all major decisions of the Business Department efficiently. Moreover, as a part of his regular work, he is involved in the quality checks of all news pieces.

Email:- [email protected]

Phone:- +1 270-426-7319

Elisabeth Luna

Being the affluent source of energy and the most active member in the Health Section has helped Elisabeth Luna to oversee all the activities in the department from the last 4 Years while leading it. Along with her overall experience of 7 years in the writing sphere, she holds a Master of Medicine degree. Due to her commanding communication and convincing skills, she smartly manages to deal with any critical situation. Her helpful nature has made her the most popular member of her team. Moreover, writing news on trending topics in the health sector is the thing that gives her immense work satisfaction.

Email: [email protected]

Phone No: +1 270-852-6668


Marsha Austin

Being the Head of the Science Department, Marsha Austin holds the responsibility to carry out all the activities of this department smoothly. While she is active in this métier from the last 5 years, she has pursued a B.Sc. degree in Astrophysics to nurture her passion for the science domain. Moreover, with her promising managerial capabilities, her contribution to our organization has set a benchmark for other members at Chemical News Reports. Our platform recently completed 5 Years of togetherness with Marsha. Her work adeptness and splendid presentation skills always catch the eyes of the other members of the Chemical News Reports team.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 270-856-6787

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson pursued Masters in Computer Science & Technology and currently serves as the Content Writer of Chemical News Reports’s Technology Section. With his supreme proficiency in writing news on various topics, such as A.I., augmented analytics, autonomous devices, IoT, and so on, he is the most followed author on our portal to get the genuine updates on the latest gadgets. Moreover, he holds an exclusive quality of eye-for-details that helps him to consider each and every aspect of the topic selected for writing the news. At the same time, his strong decision-making and communication abilities positively impact his team members to get the work done within the stipulated time span.

Email:- [email protected]

Phone:- +1 270-112-8216

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Elisabeth Luna:- [email protected] | +1 270-852-6668

Marsha Austin:[email protected] | +1 270-856-6787

Paul Johnson:- [email protected] | +1 270-112-8216

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