BBC iPlayer stops working on some Samsung TVs

BBC iPlayer stops working on some Samsung TVs

BBC iPlayer which acts with a cache file in the Samsung TVs has stopped working in some of the models. The basic thing is related to some of the applications that the company has with it.

In an interview about the same from our reporters, the company stated that some of the apps of the company are having their license lapsed and that is the reason why this situation is coming up. The company also stated that they will be fixing the things in 2020 and they are unable to resolve the thing right now.

The most important thing is that the BBC started to notice the thing when thousands of applications were not working. After the lapse of the application in several devices, they started to investigate the things and found that Samsung TVs are not showing up the cache files.

Samsung after finding the report started to get the report of the same and found that the source of all the things lies in some of the devices of its, which has got the license lapsed. Immediately they reacted to the same and apologised with their licenses. Hence, they remarked on the same and also declared that they will be renewing the licenses on and from 2020 and that would resolve the issue too.

Considering the thing in the likewise manner, the BBC also showed eagerness on the same issue, as they are missing out hundreds and thousands of users in this aspect. BBC has however shown a denying approach at this level and hence they are also going for some other applications to get the right amount of viewers in this aspect.

So, it is a matter of time to watch whether Samsung gets a second chance after renewing the license of their devices or not.

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