BlueKeep Worm Is Not As Dangerous As Expected

BlueKeep Worm Is Not As Dangerous As Expected

Windows was found to be infected with the BlueKeep and the vulnerability was feared to be similar to that of NotPetya and other widespread worms. The worms have been found to completely wreak havoc in the systems. However, the company has recently disclosed that there is nothing much to be worried about in connection with the worm. Kryptos Logic was the first to have discovered the BlueKeep exploit and they have confirmed that it is not much of a threat. At the start, the worm had scanned the entire Internet and systems vulnerable to infection with a digital currency miner, but not to a great extent. Till date, no data erasing, automatic info spreading, and other signs of worm infection have been found.

However, many of the security companies have raised an alarm related to the flaw and hunting down its roots. The malware has been found to hit only a smaller group. However, the BlueKeep attack is not being underestimated and the computer security officials have taken the matter seriously. Almost 735,000 computers were found to be vulnerable to BlueKeep in August. Thus, the window for a critical mass attack can soon be expected. The time taken to create irreparable damage could save people some time to have their PCs patched against such attacks. The computers need to be effectively patched against such threats to fizzle out the chances of a data breach or other monetary losses.

Likewise, the Australian Cyber Security Centre has recently found a sophisticated banking Trojan called Emotet to remain hidden from the antivirus software and, at the same time, forward itself to every email contact of a victim. Thus, the possibility of infecting the victims’ PC increases. The email, once opened, give hackers access to the PC’s of the Australian business groups and have their network frozen. There is no guarantee that paying the ransomware could fix the computers and thus, the users had been advised to not do so.

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