Cultural background effect the language impairments says study

Cultural background effect the language impairments says study

The Italian and English speakers who have language impairments related to dementia are experiencing various kind of reading and speech difficulties on the basis of the features of their native language as per a new research which has been conducted by a few experts.

Neurologists for very long had made the assumption that the diseases in the brain impact the abilities which languages would essentially manifest in the same way as the patients all over the world. However, the discoveries recently have started questioning these assumptions. The Italian speakers for instance who have dyslexia usually tend to have a lot of problems while reading. The problems are less though than the problems which arise for the people who speak French or English due to the simpler spellings which are more phonetic.

The criteria clinically for the diagnosis of these disorders which impact the language and behavior are based still on mainly the speakers of the English language and the ones from Western cultures that could lead to there being misdiagnosis in case there are people on the other end who are speaking different languages or coming from a different background.

The experts say that going forward it is critical that the studies take into account the cultural and language differences while they are studying the disorders which affect the cognitive functioning which is known to be impacted greatly by experience, environment and culture.

The study which has recently been published is focusing on the patients who have PPA which is a disorder that is neurodegenerative and affects the areas of brain which are related to language and a condition which is usually associated with the Alzheimer’s disease.

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