Delta Airline makes agreement to give paid leaves to their aviators

Delta Airline makes agreement to give paid leaves to their aviators

The Delta Air Lines and union which represents over 14,000 have made an agreement of letting the carrier offer the partial paid leave for the aviators till June and maybe even longer as the coronavirus has devastated the demand for travel

Delta among other carriers have been scrambling for cutting costs, the instituting hiring has been frozen, asking the employees for taking the unpaid leave and the other measures of saving cash.

The carrier based out of Atlanta on this Friday has announced that it is going to cut their flying by close to 40% in the coming few months, the biggest cut in the airline over 90 years history.

A few of the executives have been saying that they are expecting a lot more cut from the other airline. The Donald Trump of the president on this Saturday has extended their ban as they announce earlier in the week on this visitors who are in the European countries which include the Ireland and United Kingdom. Donald Trump has said that his administration has been considering the restrictions of domestic travel along with some areas however not providing the detail. They have further encouraged the public of Americans for avoiding the travelling unnecessarily.

The speed of fall-off in the demand has been unlike anything that has been seen ever and as per the Delta CEO seen a lot of the business. Ed Bastian who is the CEO has said on Friday that they are moving quicker towards the preservation of cash and the protection of the company. The review dropping and the focus on the taking costs out of the business of airlines. They are also supporting the protection of their employees.

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