Encirc owner Vidrala has confirmed its Science-Based Targets

Encirc owner Vidrala has confirmed its Science-Based Targets

In a recent press release, Vidrala declared that the emissions targets based on scientific evidence had been validated.

The SBTs provide the structure necessary to guarantee that businesses’ emission reduction goals are consistent with climate science.

Their accuracy was confirmed by the Science-Based Targets project (SBTi). Global Compact, World Resources Institute (WRI), and World Wide Fund for Nature are all involved in the SBTi as partners (WWF).

To mitigate climate change’s greatest impacts and secure the glass giant’s long-term viability, the company plans to cut its Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 47% and its Scope 3 emissions by 28% by 2030.

The new goals set by Vidrala closely mirror the company’s innovative environmental work at its European facilities.

Two examples are the recent establishment of a district heating network in the area immediately surrounding its factory in Corsico, Milan, and the 2021 project with Glass Futures, which will be the first of its kind to produce the world’s most sustainable glass container using biofuel.

Aside from developing the first emission-free glass container, the business plans to build some of the world’s most sustainable glass furnaces and invest in greener forms of logistics.

Vidrala enlisted the help of environmental consulting firm Carbon Intelligence to bolster its SBTi application.

“Vidrala is leading the way for manufacturers who want to enhance the environmental effect of their own value-chain and that of their consumers,” said Susie Chalk, associate director. Their innovative plan proves that even a sector widely regarded as difficult to decarbonize may undergo significant transformation.

Vidrala’s director of sustainability, Fiacre O’Donnell, said, “We’re happy that our ambitious targets have been accepted. Science Based Targets are the globally recognised, externally validated gold standard in assessing corporate climate action.” To ensure our future and fulfil our long-term responsibility to defend our people and the world, we are committing to targets based on scientific evidence.

“Signing up to SBTs makes business sense and will give us a more attractive proposition for like-minded clients and partners,” said Gorka Schmitt, CEO of Vidrala.

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