FDA approves the Cepheid tests for the coronavirus

FDA approves the Cepheid tests for the coronavirus

FDA has approved the first test of the coronavirus drug which may be conducted completely at its point of care. The tests form the Cepheid which is based in California in close to 45 minutes a lot faster than the tests currently are going to require one sample to be sent to the centralized labs where these results might take many days. These tests have been designed for the operation on any of the Cepheid’s as over 23,000 systems have been made available worldwide of which 5,000 have been in United States as per the company. These systems have been used already as being used for testing these conditions like the HIV and the Tuberculosis.

These systems are not requiring the users for having a specialty training for the performance and have been capable of working all around the clock.

The chief medical and technology officer, David Persing has said in the statement that the accurate test which is delivered closer to the patient may be transformative and may help in the alleviation of the pressure which has been put due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In general people have been frustrated with the time taken for the turnaround. They are not aware of the status until many days. Knowing the status fast helps in making the decisions better and help the doctors choose a better course of treatment. Persing has said in his video which has been posted on the website of the company.

The tests will initially be used by the hospitals primarily as the company said however the emergency authorization use of the FDA is covering all of the settings of patient care including the offices of the doctors. These tests are going to ship in the next week.

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