Huawei labels US call intercept claims as ‘utter nonsense’

Huawei labels US call intercept claims as ‘utter nonsense’

Huawei the largest telecom company both in China and the world has hit back at the allegations made on the company that makes use of secret tools and equipment to tamper and monitoring of calls.

It claimed the allegations as ‘complete and utter nonsense’. US officials had allegedly claimed that the Chinese company has ‘secret back doors’ that allowed them to intercept and listen to calls using some sort of wiretapping tools.

The US Department of Justice had issued new charges against the largest telecom company in the world which has been blacklisted in the US.

Huawei told the US authorities to check the facts and make any comments based on proper evidence and source of information.

Huawei is into the making of phones and also build the telecom infrastructures around the world.

The report published in the Wall Street journal was about enforcing laws supported by a court order to monitor the telecommunications sector. The report claims that Huawei had gained illegal access to tools that allow the company to intercept calls without the mobile phone companies even knowing.

John Suffolk, the company’s global cybersecurity officer told the media that such allegations made against the company are totally untrue and the company was not even involved in making such equipment or tools that would allow it to build law intercept equipment.

He told that these equipment are very secretly used by the mobile phone companies and they guard them like hawks and are often placed in a secret room.

He also told that such allegations are being made to spread misinformation and cause harm to the reputation to the firm.

He had also blamed the Wall Street journal to spread such misinformation to the public without verifying the truth and the authenticity of the information.

In a long-running feud between the company and the US authorities of the DoJ had accused the company of racketeering.

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