Jude Shelton having to face questions over her nomination

Jude Shelton having to face questions over her nomination

Judy Shelton who is the nominee of Federal Reserve faced a major confirmation hearing on Thursday as the senators had been grilled over the views she had on the independence of the central bank and whether the money which people are depositing in the bank needs to be insured.

Upon facing a lot of criticism over a lot of statements which had been made by her for years, Shelton had been defending herself as a thinker who was unconventional and would be bringing in her own ideas and experiences to the Federal Reserve.

She said upon being questioned that she is going to look forwards to working with her colleagues at Fed. She was asked whether she was not mainstream and an outlier in the way she thinks. She said that they had great respect for the capabilities and judgement of the Fed but she felt that the diversity in terms of intellect is going to strengthen any discussion and is going to be welcomed.

However the members of banking committee have been accusing her multiple times of holding the radical views and after that disavowing them while there was a hearing.

Doug Jones who is a senator had asserted that Shelton is bothering him because of Shelton’s views.

The confirmation of Shelton is not assured yet and if she loses even the two votes of Republicans it is going to kill the nomination in the committee.

The testimony had been delivered in a steady and thoughtful manner however it had appeared to not have been enough to win over the Republic Senators. The policy analysts at Washington said that so in his note.

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