Larry page funds flu vaccine initiatives through two companies .

The co-founder of Google, Larry page has been putting money from the charitable foundation he has to an initiative that fights flu privately as a company that works for profit. The program also involves offering free shots of flu to the children in the schools of the Oakland and California Area. Page has also been funding these efforts through another company for the creation of a vaccine that can fight flu in a universal manner as per the report.

The offering of the free flu shots is being done through a group which is known as “Shoo the Flu” that has started the funding of flu shots for both the kindergarten and elementary levels in the schools till eight grade students in the year 2014. The organization reimburses the cost for the program to the local administrative authority.

The second company that is known as the Flu Lab is engaged in the providing of funds for the development of the Universal Influenza Vaccine. Page along with his family had earlier been contributing to this cause directly but later they started doing it through the company Flu Lab. The company also supports non -profit institute known as the Sabin Vaccine Institute which is an institute that works for the expansion of the access of the vaccines.

The director of Shoo the Flu is also the CEO of the company Flu Lab and it has been reported recently that the company is going to go under the umbrella of the other company Flu Lab in the near future.

The universal flu vaccine has been a goal for long for the research that has been done in the field of the infectious disease

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