Legislation regarding religious exemptions for Vaccinations to be voted in the Senate

Legislation regarding religious exemptions for Vaccinations to be voted in the Senate

The controversial legislation that might end the religious exemption in New Jersey with regard to the vaccination of children has been scheduled to go for a state vote in the Senate on Monday.

In a hearing which had drawn many parents, the concerned committee of the Senate had voted by 6-4 to move this bill out of the committee on Thursday making it free to be voted by the Senate. Some of the parents who turned up were in favor of the legislation and some had been against it.

As per a few reports, the Assembly may also be voting on their version of this bill on Monday. However this measure has not been listed on the calendar as of the afternoon of Friday. If one bill is approved and consequently signed by the governor, the school children of New Jersey are going to be accused from being vaccinated only for reasons that are medical.

There is a big majority in a few states such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey which allows their families to not get their children vaccinated because of the objections which are based on religions although the major leaders of most religions have said that the children must be vaccinated.

There is a majority in the country when it comes to the vaccinations. However this question related to vaccination is being debated at the time when there are outbreaks of measles, nationally as well as globally and this is a disease which was considered to be eradicated from the country. Up until now there have been 1276 cases of the disease and they have been spread across 31 states as per the data which has been received from the government organizations.

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