Reusable packaging will let PepsiCo sell twice as many beverages

By 2030, the world’s largest manufacturer of carbonated soft drinks plans to have 10% of all beverage sales made in reusable containers. PepsiCo stated that it would be using the Reuse – Rethinking Packaging framework developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

According to PepsiCo Europe’s Chief Sustainability Officer Katharina Stenholm: “We seek to make reusable and refillable choices accessible and convenient, at scale, for European consumers in order to fundamentally change the existing beverage consumption model. This will supplement our ongoing initiatives to expand recycling. Investing more quickly in innovative, disruptive technologies is what Europe is doing to help us reach our new packaging targets. We are dedicated to developing a sustainable circular economy for European beverage packaging through our work with partners and European agencies.

‘We know we cannot recycle our way out of this plastic pollution catastrophe,’ Sander Defruyt, lead of the Plastic Initiative at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, said. Reuse business models contribute to the development of a circular economy by reducing the need for disposable packaging. Our most recent Global Commitment report highlighted the industry’s lack of ambition when it comes to reuse initiatives and showed how little progress has been made on reuse overall. We applaud PepsiCo’s bold move, and we encourage other major companies to follow suit by establishing measurable reuse objectives that will aid in cutting down on their usage of virgin plastics for packaging.

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