Silver and Gold close down on lows after Trump speech

Silver and Gold close down on lows after Trump speech

The prices of Silver and gold are at a lower level and have been close to their daily lows in the trading midday on Wednesday after both these methods had seen a rise overnight after the missile strike which had been made by Iran on the airbases of Iraq which had troops from United States. The gold futures of February had hit a high of close to seven years overnight at $1613.30 while Silver had scored a high of over three months at $18.895. The gold futures of February had been down last at $12.70 per ounce at a level of 1561.70.

The markets that were open globally on the evening of Tuesday as per United States time had been affected when Iran had launched ballistic missiles on the airbases of Iraq that had the troops from United States being hosted there. Iran had immediately taken the attackā€™s responsibility and called it a retaliation of the strikes by United States which killed their military leader Qaseem Soleimani.

There had been no casualties for the troops of United States said Donald Trump in his tweet and later said that Iran was standing down. He said that it appears that Iran had not wanted to kill the Americans which would have meant huge retaliation on the part of United States. The analysts of military have said that the missiles of Iran are accurate and they would have inflicted more damage if that is what the leaders of Iran had desired.

As the markets of gold had sold off in the wake of the speech by Trump on Wednesday, the stock indexes of United States rallied and are now returning to their record highs and are regaining momentum which is upwards.

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