Stars’ Unique Movements Confirms The Presence Of Wormholes

Stars’ Unique Movements Confirms The Presence Of Wormholes

A new study has shown that the strange movements performed by the stars are the basic reason behind the existence of space-time tunnels. The tunnel has been named wormholes. The wormholes comprise mysterious elements and it has been found to be present for many years. It was well-explained in the novels and movies but was never considered to be genuine. However recently, the researchers believe wormholes to be present on one side of the stars and the other side kind of experiences the gravitational influence of the star. The gravitational flux is found to be moving in and out of the wormhole. According to the University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences Cosmologist Dejan Stojkovic, the star with a wormhole probably tends to deviate from its orbit.

The scientists have found the wormhole by looking at the changes that the orbit of stars near Sagittarius A* shows. The wormholes are nothing like mentioned in the novels or movies. The study has shown that a source of negative energy is needed to keep the wormhole open and how it can be done is still a mystery. The scientists have been collecting data on S2 past few years as it is a star that has been orbiting Sagittarius A*. For proving the existence of wormholes, researchers need more evidence.

Parallelly, the first-ever app-connected telescope that can capture the wonders of our galaxy has been created by Vaonis. The new instrument has been named Stellina telescope. The Montpellier-based Vaonis believes that this all-in-one telescope can help unravel mysteries of deep space on demand by connecting to either phones or tablets. After being calibrated, Stellina can automatically spot nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, and other points of astronomical interest within a certain range. The company basically wants to help scientists have access to a reasonable device in order to scan the stars that have been showing unique phenomena lately. Most of the stars within a certain limit could be spotted using this new portable telescope.

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