Stomach Infection forces shutdown of schools in an entire district

Stomach Infection forces shutdown of schools in an entire district

An aggressive stomach infection has exploded in the Mesa County Valley school of Colorado. This has led to a quick shutting down of the complete district which has 46 schools and other programs which serve over 22,000 students.

This outbreak had first struck a high school had been closed down on 14th of November, Thursday. In the days which followed, the outbreak had taken five more schools and led to over 5000 absences due to the illness or their fear of outbreak. On 20th November the officials in the district had made this tough decision of closing the entire district down till the holiday of Thanksgiving.

The officials of health have not identified officially any pathogen which is causing this outbreak but have suspected that it is going to be a norovirus. This is a germ which is highly contagious and causes diarrhoea and vomiting usually for one two or three days. The virus is a major cause in the United States of the illness related to stomach.

This decision has been said to be the right move as per Jeff Kuhr who is the Executive Director of Mesa County Public Health. He further adds that as per past experiences it has been analysed that in order to control the illness, one-to- one contact must be avoided and there must be time away from persons who can be affected.

They have said that in this time away the officials are going to try to disinfect this facility which is a task that is difficult and odious.

Kuhr has said that the situation was out of control and there was a situation that the virus could wreak havoc on the entire community.

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