The Latest Feature Of Google Assistant Is A Tailored Audio News Feed

The Latest Feature Of Google Assistant Is A Tailored Audio News Feed

Beginning this week, you can request Google Assistant to “show me the news” and it will make a curated list of audio news articles. The function, dubbed as Your News Update, is accessible on any smart speaker or handset with Google Assistant access. Every update will begin with a couple of general interest, short news bites before shifting to lengthy articles.

For instance, if you live in Chicago and are a Steelers, Google claims you may first listen to a story about the newest work on the metro system “L” before the update shifts to a glance at the latest Steelers game and a combination of national news. Google claims that Assistant will select these stories on the basis of your location, interests, and history, as well as the leading news at that moment. The firm clarifies that the function operates by studying what is claimed to in an audio file to match with people‚Äôs stories. Between every news hit, the helper will ring in to allow you know what article you are about to hear next, as well as what agency posted it.

To turn on the function, open the app and go to the settings page of the Assistant. Below the “You” section, find and click the “News” subtitle. Next, click the “Change your playlist format” alternative and then click on “Your News Update.” The function is presently accessiblejust in the US, although Google claims it is planning to extend its accessibilityall over the world beginning in 2020.

On a related note, the November update of Xbox One just launched, conveying with it a set of new tools and functions developed, as always, to enhance your experience for gaming. First up, and possibly most notable, is the launch of voice controls for Google Assistant.

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