The value of brand loyalty is emphasised by Prolog

The value of brand loyalty is emphasised by Prolog.

As the United Kingdom enters a harsh winter, Prolog Fulfillment, a provider of fulfilment and contact center services, is asking brands to put more emphasis on the quality of the customer experience they can give.

According to CEO Neil Daniels: “Customer retention is vital for brand survival, and delivering the benefit of customization can help establish customer loyalty, raise sales, gain market share, and increase customer happiness.”

He explained that the company’s retention strategy involves a plan to lower its clients’ costs to market. This includes things like assessing and re-engineering the entire process, using automation wherever possible, and benchmarking for consumables and third-party sourcing.

Over the past year, Prolog has invested in software, gear, and experience to increase its capacity for customization.

The embroidery machine joins three new picking towers, an Android HHT for the WMS system, a laser printer, a heat press, kitting conveyor belts, and a digital printer at the company’s fulfilment hub in Nottinghamshire.

In the past year, the business has made major expenditures totaling almost £100,000 on tiny liquid fill machine, two small powder fill machines, a small heat sealer – heat seal plastic bags, a colour print machine, and a labelling equipment – for bottles, cans, and boxes.

It has also hired a campaigns solutions manager and general managers for two of our distribution centres.

More and more of our clients are interested in learning more about the customization options we provide.

He claims that people who want truly unique things are increasingly willing to pay more for products that are custom created, changed, and personalised.

Clients are increasingly seeking for customised solutions to meet this demand.

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