TikTok facing security threat charges from United States

TikTok facing security threat charges from United States

The app for short-form videos known as TikTok is an app that has witnessed 1.5 billion downloads and is among the most exciting things on the internet and among the most entertaining social media networks in the year 2019. The app also has its home in China and a few of the users and also the politicians are now concerned about this.

In the last 1.5 years, TikTok has been becoming the app that has defined the current generation through the videos which are under 60 seconds and are usually memes, sketch comedies or a few inside jokes. This has not just happened in the United States, but countries like India have followed suit. The app had originated as Musical.ly but had then been taken over by a Chinese startup by the name of ByteDance in the year 2018 and the value of ByteDance is now considered to be $78 billion making it the largest startup in the world.

This app has been in controversy with the several deaths it has caused in India and has also been accused of not allowing some content which was politically sensitive potentially.

Its ties to China however are creating its biggest threat as one of the biggest national review of security by the government of United States and in another case through a lawsuit which had been brought by a student in college where she is alleging that her data has been shifted to a couple of Chinese servers.

This investigation has which had been leaked a few documents where TikTok instructed its viewers to censor some videos which had mentioned the topics that are sensitive to the Chinese government has the politicians in United States worried about the security threat it may cause.

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