Wilbur Ross warns about spreading coronavirus in a fast manner

Wilbur Ross warns about spreading coronavirus in a fast manner

The coronavirus has been spreading fast and has already infected many thousand people in the land of China as well as raised the fears of a pandemic which is proving to be global as well as it could have had an impact which is positive on the economy of the United States as per Wilbur Ross who is the Secretary of Commerce who said this on Thursday.

Ross has said in an interview that the officials of China can confirm that there have been over 7,700 cases confirmed and caused as many as 170 deaths and it is making the businesses reconsider the supply chains.

This may help in the quickening of the pace at which the manufacturing and jobs will return from overseas to the United States as per him.

He said on the morning of Thursday that he does not want to talk about a victory in the wake of a disease which has been wreaking havoc in the country but the truth is that this is going to give the businesses one more thing to take into consideration when they are going through the reviews of their supply chain.

Coronavirus is one more risk factor which the people must take into account as per Ross and he thinks that it is going to help in the acceleration for the returning of the jobs in the area of North America as per him. A few will be to United States and a few to Mexico too.

These comments have been made by Ross only a few weeks after the President Donald Trump had signed a trade deal with their rivals China to defuse some tensions in between these nations.

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