Citizens facing issues with Travel because of coronavirus

Citizens facing issues with Travel because of coronavirus

A citizen of Canada who is originally from China, Pan has said that he is hanging in there and there is a need for him to stay strong so that she can fight for his family.

For a lot of days, Pan is scrambling for getting her daughter onto the evacuation of a flight back to the country of Canada however this is complicated.

The father of this person has contracted this virus therefore he cannot accompany her to home on flight and that she is herself run fever so she is not needed to be undergoing checks for making sure that she isn’t infected herself.

Cerena is in a hospital in China and has been separated from the father and she has been looked at by the cousin who has been agreed to being in the hospital with this Child.

Pan has said that the daughter has been lesser than 3, and she is still wearing the diapers as she is not able to take care of herself.

The paternal grandfather of Cerena has been caught this virus and has died and the grandmother has been infected as well. This thing began when Pan’s husband had received one call from the sister in a city near Wuhan. This sister has said that the father has been closer to the death due to some complications.

Such has been the case with a lot of people who are facing the problems to go to and fro because of the coronavirus outbreak and the travel restrictions which have been causing people to be away from their loved ones and family too. The situation has been getting worse only.

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