Two Hormones In Greater Levels In The Blood Increase Prostate Cancer Risk

Two Hormones In Greater Levels In The Blood Increase Prostate Cancer Risk

According to research, men having greater levels of “free” testosterone and a GH (growth hormone) in their blood are more tend to be identified with prostate cancer. The study was submitted at the 2019 NCRI Cancer Conference. Other aspects like ethnicity, older age, and a family medical history of the disease are known to amplify a man’s menace of advancing prostate cancer. Nonetheless, the new research of over 200,000 men is one of the first one to demonstrate solid evidence of two aspects that can perhaps be changed to lower prostate cancer risk. The study was carried by Dr. Ruth Travis (Associate Professor) and Ellie Watts (Research Fellow) from the University of Oxford. Dr. Travis reported, “Prostate cancer is the second most usually diagnosed cancer in men globally following lung cancer and is a major reason of cancer death. There is no proof-based recommendation that we can advise to men to decrease their risk.

He added, “We were interested in analyzing the levels of two hormones transporting in the blood since previous research indicates they can be associated with prostate cancer and as these are reasons that can potentially be changed in an attempt to lower prostate cancer risk.” The scientists studied over 200,452 men who were a part of the UK Biobank plan. All the men gave blood samples and were tested for levels of testosterone and a GH called IGF-I (insulin-like growth factor-I). The scientists discovered that men having greater concentrations of the two hormones in their blood were more tend to be identified with prostate cancer.

On a similar note, a study showed that dementia is linked with hormone-blocking prostate cancer therapy. Alzheimer’s disease might be a peril for older prostate cancer patients administered with hormone-blocking treatment, an analysis funded by the U.S. government found. The earlier indication has been mixed on whether the therapy might be associated with mental decline. But expertise stated that the new results stand out as they are from a reputed national cancer database and the men were monitored for a long time—about 8 Years on average.

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