Volkswagen Starts Production Of Electric Car “Obtainable To Millions”

Volkswagen Starts Production Of Electric Car “Obtainable To Millions”

Lately, the Volkswagen Group formally began series production of its ID.3 electric car, along with the German automaker aiming to become a global leader in the booming e-mobility. A ceremony was held at Volkswagen’s Zwickau facility and was attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and CEO Herbert Diess, among others. In a speech, Diess stated that the ID.3 will “make a significant contribution to the advancement of e-mobility. It makes spotless individual mobility available to millions of people and is a landmark for our firm on the way to becoming climate-neutral by the end of 2050.”

In a declaration on its website, Volkswagen stated its “electric offensive” as “picking up speed.” The planned launch of ID.3 is set to start “almost concurrently” in European markets in next summer, with the fundamental version marketed at under $33,487 (30,000 euros) in Germany. The Zwickau facility is presently undergoing a renovation from being a full internal combustion engine unit to one that manufactures only electric vehicles. Reportedly, Volkswagen is investing about 1.2 billion euros in the facility’s re-development and states that from 2021 it will have the ability to create 330,000 all-electric vehicles yearly.

Similarly, Volkswagen was in the news as Vietnam penalizes the automaker for a car’s model having a disputed map of China. Allegedly, the company’s local distributor and an importer would be fined by Vietnam for displaying a car with a navigation app imitating Chinese territorial claims refused by Hanoi. The Touareg CR745J model was displayed in a motor show at Ho Chi Minh City in the last month. Volkswagen Vietnam will face a penalty of $860–$1,724 (20 million to 40 million dong), while World Auto Co. Ltd., will be fined almost 40 million to 60 million dong and a suspension from operating for 6–9 Months, the General Department of Vietnam Customs stated in a statement.

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