Uber CEO has said that the coronavirus is not going to impact overall business

Uber CEO has said that the coronavirus is not going to impact overall business

The CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi has recently said on this Friday that his company is not anticipating the coronavirus which is spreading fast for impacting their overall business.

He said that they are not expecting the effect to be significant in an overall manner.

Business has been down in a major manner in the areas of Hong Kong and North Asia as per him as the people are avoiding the deadly virus as well as restrictions of travel which have been imposed.

He further added that, the business in the city of Hong Kong as well as the airport business has been down from the standpoint all in all with their portfolio is not material at all.

The officials of health all over the world has also been scrambling for stopping the new virus spread which had been discovered first 31st December in Wuhan which is a city in China.

On Thursday, the National Health Commission of China has also confirmed that 31,161 cases of the coronavirus. The toll of those who had died has gone over to a level of 636 with an additional fatality in Hong Kong and Philippines.

In the last few weeks, the companies in America with the operations in China have also issued the warnings for the investors as this virus is hitting the demand.

Nike has said that on Tuesday that they had closed half of the stores in the country and added it is going to have an impact materially on their operations all over the country. Tesla is shuttered temporarily in the stores of mainland China. Tesla has also closed its stores temporarily in the mainland China.

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