Uber claims to be the top ride-sharing company in India

Uber claims to be the top ride-sharing company in India

Uber has facilitated as many as 14 million rides in a week in the country of India in the previous year as the firm from America has said that it had claimed the top position in the major market overseas.

In the report which had been published on the quarterly earnings this afternoon of Thursday, Uber has said that it has acquired over 50% of the market of ride-hailing among a few other regions and had become the leader in this category.

This revelation has been interesting as both Uber as well as their rivals Ola have been away from talking about the number of rides which they have been serving in India.

In the year 2018, Ola had revealed that their platform had gone over two million people each day. A spokesperson said. Both have an investor in the form of SoftBank and have not made any revelation of the figures however it has issued a major statement in which it has identified themselves as the biggest platform for mobility of the country.

Ola’s spokesperson has said that the Ola is the largest mobility platform of the country as Ola is serving more than 200 million customers through the network of as many as 2.5 million drivers all over a wide range of the offerings in terms of 2, 3 or 4 wheelers. Ola added that it is operating in as many as 250 cities as well as towns of India.

Uber in the previous month had sold their food delivery business known as Uber Eats to a rival known as Zomato for close to $180 million where there was a move that a few of the analysts had said this may help the firm to focus better on its core business.

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